I’m a Product Designer who thinks about the Person, human behaviours and emotions. My purpose is understanding and driving experiences: I have a strong desire to find product problems and customer needs and to solve them with design. Making life easier for big user bases products is my persuasion.


Everything starts with the right questions: from the answers, I create sketches on paper to identify as many solutions as needed to achieve goals. After dismissing not working sketches, I convert the conveying ones in working prototypes, taking care of interactions, animations and flows.

I share prototypes with designers, stakeholders and developers to collect feedback in order to refine the prototype and take care of the details. After that I iterate in an Agile process with developers to give life to the prototype.


I have experience in UI design of iOS and Android native apps, following two different operating system patterns, and responsive web-application too.


I have a deep interest in psychology and in UX research methods.